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Upcoming Events
Sycamore Trails held the 2nd annual meeting of members on November 18th at The Operators Union Hall in Terre Haute. Food Drinks and Fun was had by all we sincerely thank those that attended and donated. We hope a good time was had by all and each year it gets bigger and better. Thank You all.  


Activities of Partners
3rd Saturday of every month - Wabash Valley Audubon Society,  Bird Identification at Dobbs Park, Terre Haute @ 10:00 AM
Sycamore Trails RC&D at the Bat Festival - ISU & Dobbs Park, Aug. 27, 2011
Who knew bats were so popular?
Karen Staub and Bev Pestel represented STRC&D at the Bat Festival on Aug. 27.  It was an interesting day with many people walking by the booth on the 2nd floor of the Science building at ISU to check out Karen's collection of medicinal/edible plants and - -on a separate table so as not to confuse, invasive plants common in the area.  Bev had a table with STRC&D information and a board describing STRC&D Woods.  We were able to spread the word regarding the work of STRC&D and encourage people to join us in our ventures.  It is encouraging to see that the news regarding invasive plants and their threat to our native environment is spreading.  A lot of people were able to identify a number of Karen's samples as species existing on their property that are now marked for extermination.  Karen's live samples (always seed free) have been a tremendous benefit in helping folks identify these harmful species.  We were also able to help people with advice on the best way to get rid of the different invasive species: everything from the best chemical treatment to "just keep pulling it." 
We were at ISU from 9-4 and then adjourned - not home - but to Dobbs Park where the Festival continued from 6-10.  Bev wore out and took herself and her poison ivy home about 7:30, stopping on the way to get the Witch Hazel recommended by Karen as an effective treatment.  Karen was determined to stay until dark, and I'm betting she did.
Sycamore Trails RC&D at ISU Earth Day - April 21, 2011

Volunteers with STRC&D were well represented at the ISU Earth Day event.  Jeremiah Lemmons, District Forester for Vigo County and Chair of the STRC&D Forestry Committee presented ISU President, Dr. Dan Bradley, with the Tree Campus USA plaque.  This award is a recognition of excellence in campus tree management, as well as student and community involvement to foster healthy, urban forests.

Karen Staub represented both the STRC&D Education Committee and Invasive Plants Committee with her display of invasive plants.  Invasive plants are a threat to our natural environment.  These plants have been introduced through a variety of sources, but the one thing they have in common is that they are able to outcompete the native vegetation.  The most obvious invasive plant in Vigo County and Terre Haute is  bush honeysuckle.  This plant is found in many yards and along most roadsides, it has also invaded the urban forests and is choking out the native trees and wildflowers.  Keith Ruble of Vigo County parks has been working to control these plants in the county parks and STRC&D has been working in collaboration with TREES, Inc., the Wabash Valley Audubon Society, and Carissa Lovett of Dobbs Park to rid Dobbs Park of the invader.

Jim Luzar of Purdue Extension in Vigo County is Chair of the STRC&D Education Committee.  Jim had a variety of items at his table including information on the Emerald Ash Borer.   This insect has moved into Indiana from Michigan and is killing ash trees as it moves south.  To date no strategy has been found to stop the spread of this insect and proactive planning in cities and communities to deal with dying ash trees is now underway.

Keith Ruble, Director of Vigo County Parks, is also a member of the STRC&D Forestry and Invasive Plants Committees.  Keith and Max Miller were highlighting the Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area.  About 2,400 acres of what will eventually be 43,000 has been open to the public since August. The stretch along the west bank of the Wabash River, between Terre Haute and West Terre Haute, is the first leg to open of a project planned to run 94 miles from Shades State Park in Montgomery County to Fairbanks Landing Fish and Wildlife Area south of Terre Haute.  The southern portion of the property along U.S. 40 offers bird watching opportunities for many species of wetland birds.